you posted something offensive on the internet now you’re getting attacked for it. now what?

"wow just because i said this little thing doesn’t mean i should be getting hate mail-"

"the social justice bloggers on this site really need to fucking calm down-" 

"thank you for everyone who hasn’t sent me hate and is supporting me through these hard times-"

stop stop sto p STO P 

  1. fuckin recognize that you made a mistake and it was ignorant for you to put it on the internet. dont be a little bitch and start crying about it. own up to that shit
  2. A P O L O GI Z E. no bullshit. no whining. just a simple statement of apology.
  3. but what you dont want to add to your apology is “i didnt mean to offend anyone though!!!” it doesn’t matter what your intentions were! you made a mistake and the minute you start playing victim and crying over it is when your apology goes to crap.
  4. dont you dare respond to or even look at asks from people who tell you that other people need to calm down and its not a big deal. it is a big deal and by you publicly posting all those supportive messages on your blog SHOWS that you actually feel like a victim for being an asshole. just dont do it.
  5. real simple. just fucking apologize. say you’ve learned from it. ignore your flooding inbox.
  6. move the fuck on
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    This should be applied by some people in real life
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    important distinction: don’t just say you’ve learned from it: ACTUALLY learn from it!! listen to what people are telling...
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    I had to delete my old blog because of something I’d posted 6 months earlier - I was still getting hate for it, even...
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    Except even when people cowtow to you fuckmooks and apologize people like you STILL attack them for weeks on end. So...
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